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The Miss Shifters membership is capped at this time, we will open back up to new members in 2021.

A little about us...


Miss Shifters is an all-female car club that brings women together for fun, friendship and good times. We are automotive enthusiasts, we love cars; new and old, we love trucks, we love motorcycles, we are drag and road course racers and we educate, support and empower women in the classic car and motorsports arena.
A generous portion of our proceeds from our yearly car show are donated to a local animal rescue/non-profit.
We donate to and volunteer with other charities that are close to our hearts also. 


Miss Shifters is an all girls car club founded in June of 2009 by Alicia Wood, in August of 2009 Rachelle Stephens joined and then in 2013 she took over running the club and what was started as a classics only club has now expanded and we have girls with purpose built race cars, customs, show cars and modern muscle.  (No daily drivers, please.)  Our priority in this club will always be showing our cars, but we also support each other in our other motorsports adventures. 
1. We host a car show, Broads & Rods on the 3rd Saturday in June every year & every member needs to be at this event, we need to set-up, tear down & work the event. Every member needs to procure at least one cash sponsor, cash sponsorship is $200.00 & is due at our March general meeting each year. CASH SPONSORS get their name/logo on our website, event t-shirt & event fliers. Each member also needs to get raffle prizes for the show. Raffle & gift certificate/card sponsors get their name on our website only. Your sponsor & raffle prizes are your responsibility, it is up to you to get the money & prizes to one of the board members.

2. Maintain a level of sobriety at our meetings & at all events we do, this includes representing us at the track. Having a beer in a koozie & being chill is one thing at a car show, acting loud & belligerent is an entirely different matter altogether. If you are wearing our gear, have our sign with your car or have our sticker on your car you are representing our club. Even if you are not at a club event if you are sporting our gear please don't act like an ass. We have a “three strikes you are out” policy.

3. RESPECT OTHER CLUB MEMBERS & THEIR FAMILIES. PERIOD. NO LEEWAY HERE. NONE. If you have an issue with another member it needs to be handled privately... at an appropriate place & time. If you feel you’d benefit from a mediator or some kind of board involvement contact the board member of your choice. We have a low tolerance for shit talking.  Our husbands & families are an extension of our club they are to be respected. As they are this extension of our club they also need to act accordingly. Remember we have a “three strikes you are out” policy.

4. Must attend 9 of our 12 monthly meetings. Board members can miss 2 of the 6 meetings a year.

5. Must attend half of all car shows we attend as a group. Must participate in half of all events we do as a group... ie: craft days, BBQ's, raffle basket making party, etc...

6. Purchase a $25.00 Miss Shifters sign for your car. Rachelle has them. 

7. If you or someone in your family damages another members cars/possessions, you step up & make it right. 

8. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE... RESPOND TO THE FACEBOOK INVITES... Going, Interested or Not Going... please choose one.

9. All monies received by the club for club participation, etc. at any event shall be deposited in the club account. 

10. When we are out in public people know who we are, we stand out… we are loud, bold, funny & kinda wild. When you are in a room of people, they should know you are a Miss Shifter, but if you need a filter, please use one. We aren’t asking you to not be yourself. Just try to remember that we have an image & reputation to protect. We want to be role models for our younger members, our mini’s & women in general. Remember we have a “three strikes you are out” policy.


1. Members are expected to meet at agreed spots prior to shows ON TIME.

2. Cars must be clean inside & out during car shows.

3. All members must display club signs during car shows.


1. Meetings will start right around 6:30, give or take a couple of minutes, DO NOT get trashed before the meeting.

2. Please do not talk & have side conversations during the meeting, if you do this, you can leave. Write your questions down on your agenda & ask them at the appropriate time. We want to get through the agenda as fast as possible so that everyone can hang out, have a drink & socialize.

3. Board members will sit together at meetings & help to maintain order.


We have a two season supporter/prospect period. January to March you can request to become a supporter,  you must start attending our meetings by April or you will have to wait until next year when membership opens up again , during your second prospect season, in January, you will need to find a full-fledged member to be your sponsor during your prospect period, once your 2 year prospect season is over you are considered a full-fledged member. 

Once you have been a full-fledged member for two years you will be eligible for a club jacket.

During the supporter/prospect period you must follow all Miss Shifters rules

We will have Miss Shifters Supporter/Prospect shirts available for purchase if you would like one. You can wear our normal gear once you are a full-fledged member. You can buy our other Miss Shifters merchandise just not our shirts & coats.

** Family & work always come first, so if you cannot make it to an event & you are close to missing the required number of events, call or message a board member.

** Regarding the “Three strikes you are out” policy… your first strike is a verbal warning, your second is a meeting with the board & the third you are out. All board decisions are final.


Rachelle S - President
Angie S - Vice President 
April W - Event Chairwoman
LaLainya M - INCCC Liaison & Road Captain
Annette C - Treasurer 
Joey P - Secretary
Angela G - New Member Liaison
Terry M - New Member Liaison


Miss Shifters
P.O. Box 9715
Spokane, Wa 99209